Lisa McAndrew Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapist in Norfolk


"Hypnotherapy with Lisa has had such a positive impact on my life. I went to Lisa on a few occasions as I was struggling with my self esteem as well as anxiety. I can truly say the sessions have changed my life. My anxiety instantly improved and the way I think about myself has completely transformed and I have never felt more happy in my own skin. Lisa is so kind and easy to talk to, I felt completely relaxed and at ease every time and I found the hypnotherapy experience extremely therapeutic. I couldn’t recommend Lisa enough." - JM

"Lisa made me feel calm and confident during the while hypnotherapy process. The sessions took place in beautiful surroundings and was a peaceful and enjoyable experience. The hypnotherapy was successful and gave me the results I hoped for, helping me feel more confident and having greater belief in myself. Lisa delivered my own personal programme and I highly recommend her kind and gentle ways." - TN


National Hypnotherapy Society Professional Standards Authority